About Us

Quick Quote Turnaround

We average 4.5 days to turn around a quote. We are even quicker if we have all dimensions and material specifications on day 1!

Shorter Lead Times

Our average lead time is 6 weeks. We are flexible to work with blanket PO’s to shorten the lead time further.

Responsive Customer Service

Our employee profit sharing program in combination with monthly training give our employees both incentive and understanding of how to deliver the best service.

Continuous Improvement and Lean Processes

We use value stream mapping and continuous improvement project to always improve our safety, quality, and service to customers.

Engaged Employees Make the Difference

Did you know that U.S. manufacturers only have 25% of employees engaged in their job?


Engagement means an employee answers yes to 2 questions:

1. Do you care about the work you do?
2. Do you care about your company?

Most manufacturers lack focus on employee engagement to ensure all employees care about their work, the company and the customer.

We strive for 100% engagement so our customers can be confident they will always get our best products, service and even help unrelated to our products if needed!

Our Mission

5 simple, actionable core values create an environment for engaged emloyees in all departments. That engagement delivers quality products, great customer service and community involvement.

Help People
Build Positive Relationships
Always Improve
Give Back
Have Fun!

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