General Purpose/Lower Cost Elastomers

NBR (Nitrile, Buna-N)
  • Common applications are hoses, grommets, seals and gaskets. NBR has oil and solvent resistance, low temperature flexibility and abrasion resistance.
  • Low Temperature Range: -40°F/-40°C
  • High Temperature Range: 226°F/108°C
  • NR (Natural rubber)
  • Natural rubber has excellent tensile, elongation, tear resistance, resilience, and electrical insulation, as well as excellent resistance to cold flow, low compression set and flexing qualities. Common applications are where many types of acids and bases are required (exclude the oxidizing ones), in such products as tires, tubing, gaskets, belts, hoses, seals, shock mounts, rolls, vibration isolators, electrical components, bumpers, and drive wheels.
  • Low temperature Range: -67°F/-55°C
  • High temperatures Range: 180°F/82°C
  • EPDM (Ethylene-propylene-diene)
  • Common applications include water gaskets/O-rings, grommets, electrical insulation and weather stripping. It is resistant to UV exposure, ozone, aging, weathering, and many chemicals. EPDM works well for outdoor applications.
  • Low temperature Range: -20°F/-29°C to -60°F/-51°C
  • High temperatures Range: 350°F/177°C
  • SBR (Styrene butadiene)
  • SBR has superior water resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, low-temperature flexibility, and heat aging. SBR also provides good electrical insulation, alcohol resistance, oxygenated solvent resistance, and mild acid resistance. Common applications are plumbing and HVAC gaskets/seals/O-rings, pneumatic tires and shoe soles.
  • Poly-isoprene
  • Synthetic polyisoprene exhibits excellent resilience and good tensile strength. Its color uniformity from one batch to another is easy to maintain because of the uniformity of the polymer. Common applications include those requiring uniform quality and performance, especially where color is concerned.

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