Learn About Rubber

Rubber has unique material properties that allow it to be strong, durable, flexible, abrasion resistant and extremely waterproof. Natural rubber is derived from the latex from rubber trees. Tapping the bark of these trees allows the latex (sticky, milky colloid) to be drawn off by making incisions in the bark and collecting the fluid in vessels. The latex then is refined into rubber ready for commercial processing.

Many "rubber" materials today are actually synthetic elastomers that have been developed to offer similar properties but enhanced for specific applications. Contact us for help determining what elastomer will best fit your application.


Types of rubber used for common applications:

Rubber for Outdoor Applications . EPDM
Dust Cover Applications . EPDM or Nitrile
Durable, abrasion resistant, vibration damping or anti-vibration and lower cost Natural Rubber
Rubber for flexible duct, flexible connector or bellow . EPDM
Rubber for oil, gasoline and abrasion resistance . Nitrile
Rubber Bumber Application . . Natural Rubber
Rubber for extreme temperature and fuel resistance . Viton
Reasonable cost with good all around performance . Neoprene
Rubber Caps or Plugs . EPDM Rubber
Best rubber if color is important . Poly-isoprene
Medical Applications . Silicone
Food Grade Applications . Silicone

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