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Sizes and Materials

Cable Cleat
Colored Parts
Engine Mount
Fuel Fill Kit
Rubber Pad on Metal
Rubber Pad
Spring Seat
Vibration Isolator
Cable Cleat Oval
Non-conductive Isolator 1
Non-conductive Isolator 2

Rubber and rubber bonded to metal parts:

Size: 40" X 32" or smaller molded parts.

Weight: 20 lb or lighter injection molded parts. Greater than 20 lb molded parts with compression molding.

Methods: Injection/compression/transfer molding, extrusions, lathe cut, die cut, flat/sheet rubber, water jet, laser cut.

Services: We can help in your design process! Let us help determine the best materials and method of manufacturing for optimal quality and cost in your application.

Cost: We can compete with low cost country pricing without the international headaches! Lean Manufacturing and low overhead give us a competitive advantage.

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