Our Team and Values

Lake Erie Rubber’s history spans six decades. This multi-generational, family-owned manufacturing company is dedicated to speed, quality, and technical solutions to support our customers. We started in 1961, spanning two generations of the original family ownership. In 2017 the company was purchased by its current owner. The selling family wanted to be sure the company would remain in Erie and the current employees would be maintained. That’s exactly what happened. Focusing on employee engagement, lean manufacturing, and customer service has led Lake Erie Rubber to multiple years of growth in a row since the purchase in 2017.

Our five simple, actionable core values create an environment for engaged employees in all departments. That engagement delivers quality products, great customer service, and community involvement.

  1. Help people
  2. Build positive relationships
  3. Always improve
  4. Give back
  5. Have fun
lake erie rubber staff
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lake erie rubber team member
lake erie rubber team
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lake erie rubber staff

Lake Erie Rubber’s Latest Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Lake Erie Rubber & Manufacturing continues to invest in the modernization of their operation. Recently, they’ve added another Desma 560, 700 ton, injection press. Lake Erie Rubber & Manufacturing uses the latest technology and the best equipment available in the industry. Contact today for help with any rubber components.

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