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Lake Erie Rubber & Manufacturing is a custom rubber molding and manufacturing company that is committed to improving customer outcomes through high quality, on time delivery and responsive customer service.

Our Mission

5 simple, actionable core values create an environment for engaged emloyees in all departments. That engagement delivers quality products, great customer service and community involvement.

Help People
Build Positive Relationships
Always Improve
Give Back
Have Fun!


Lake Erie Rubber is committed to providing high quality rubber molded parts, rubber to metal bonded parts, silicone parts, machined plastics, metal assemblies and CNC machined parts.

Common parts produced are vibration isolators, motor mounts, bellows, boots, cable cleats, weather stripping, electrical caps, air ducts, pipe gaskets, bushings, bumpers, lathe and die cut washers and extrusions.

Common materials used: Natural Rubber (NR)/Polyisoprene Polybutadiene (PBR) Butyl (IIR), Bromobutyl, Chlorobutyl Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) Neoprene (NBR) Nitrile (NBR) Silicone (S) Buna (N) Fluorocarbon (FPM) Fluorosilicone (FSI)
Markets served: Transit/Transportation OEM/Industrial Locomotive/Transit Agriculture Appliances/Durable goods Military/Government Automotive
Capabilities: Molded Rubber Components Rubber-to-Metal Bonded Parts Silicone Parts Machined Plastics Metal Assemblies CNC Machined Parts Dense Rubber Extrusions Sponge Rubber Extrusions Lathe Cut Washer Die Cut Washer Extrusions and more

Size: 40" X 32" or smaller molded parts.

Weight: 20 lb or lighter injection molded parts. Greater than 20 lb molded parts with compression molding.

Methods: Injection/compression/transfer molding, extrusions, lathe cut, die cut, flat/sheet rubber, water jet, laser cut.

Services: We can help in your design process! Let us help determine the best materials and method of manufacturing for optimal quality and cost in your application.

Cost: We can compete with low cost country pricing without the international headaches! Lean Manufacturing and low overhead give us a competitive advantage.

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Why Choose Lake Erie Rubber?

Did you know that U.S. manufacturers only have 25% of employees engaged in their job?


Engagement means an employee answers yes to 2 questions:

1. Do you care about the work you do?
2. Do you care about your company?

Most manufacturers lack focus on employee engagement to ensure all employees care about their work, the company and the customer.

We strive for 100% engagement so our customers can be confident they will always get our best products, service and even help unrelated to our products if needed.


Lake Erie Rubber & Manufacturing is proud to continue as an extension of the Scully Enterprises business started in 1961. Our new ownership, as of August 1, 2017, is dedicated to growing the business in Erie, PA. We operate out of the Scully Enterprises location and have maintained all employees and equipment through the transition. We are excited to incorporate a continuous improvement, Lean culture through the entire business! We will use the Lean guiding principles to drive continued improvement in safety, quality, delivery and cost for our business. Ultimately, our dedication to the lean process and journey will lead to improved outcomes for our customers.

Jon Meighan


(315) 247-7075


"I am excited about the opportunity to develop and grow a business in Erie, PA! We will focus on continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing tools as the driving force to lead us on our journey. I’m married with two kids and prefer to spend most of my free time with my family. I still like to fit in my hobbies of biking, auto racing (road course), playing music, skiing and golf when I can as well."

Diane Adameck

VP of Sales

(814) 835-0173 ext. 11


"I am married to Chuck and between us we have 2 handsome sons and 6 beautiful daughters, spouses, significant others and 3 grandsons. My goal is to grow and preserve not only products from our vegetable garden, but also relationships with existing customers as well as new business relationships. My goal is to make your job easier and less stressful, please do not hesitate to contact me."

Tracy Lockwood

Office Manager

(814) 835-0173 ext. 10


"In my spare time I like to spend time with my family, husband Frank, son, daughter and two stepdaughters. Although the oldest lives out of town, we still travel to spend time with her. Now that our kids are grown we have been doing a little more traveling and plan to continue seeing new places. I also like to play volleyball and take walks with my furbabies."

George Nicewonger

Director of Operations

(814) 835-0173 ext. 13


Duke Nicewonger

Quality Assurance Manager

(814) 835-0173




Lake Erie Rubber & Manufacturing

6410 W Ridge Road

Erie, PA 16506

Phone: (814) 835-0173

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