Custom Rubber Compression Molding Manufacturer

Lake Erie Rubber is a custom rubber compression molding manufacturer located in Erie, Pennsylvania while serving companies globally. Our stable, localized, and responsive supply chain allows us to provide top-quality products with short lead times. Our engineering staff provides high-level technical support in the form of material selection, design for manufacturability, and tooling design recommendations. Your project benefits from our 60-plus years of experience in manufacturing components for OEM manufacturers and distributors. Our customers expect and receive the best in USA manufactured rubber products.

Lake Erie Rubber provides custom rubber compression molding services to companies in the rail, mining, construction, vibration control, oil and gas, and pet product industries. Among our many customers was one in the pet industry who was looking for a specific part that had requirements including making the product odorless and keeping production costs low. We took the time to speak with this customer to get a clear understanding of their vision for their product, and we were able to develop a material that met all of their specifications, allowing them to have their products made cost-effectively here in the United States. Lake Erie Rubber specializes in finding quality solutions for our customers while keeping costs affordable. 

Compression Molding

When Should You Use Rubber Compression Molding Versus Other Production Methods?


  • Lower initial tooling cost
  • Best for low volume production
  • Good for large components
  • Can accommodate over-mold or rubber bonded to metal or other material parts


  • Labor intensive compared to injection molding
  • More wasted material than injection molding
  • Higher cycle time

What is Rubber Compression Molding?

Compression molding is a manufacturing process that molds preheated materials, such as rubber, in a heated mold cavity, which is then closed using hydraulic pressure. The material is held in the heated cavity for a specific amount of time to properly cure it into its final shape. Lake Erie Rubber specializes in rubber compression molding, which is also known as Vulcanization. Compression molding has a lower initial tooling cost and is frequently used for producing low quantities of parts.

compression mold

Industries Served

Lake Erie Rubber serves a wide variety of different industries. These are just some examples of the industries we serve and what we provide for our customers:

  • Rail Industry – Lake Erie Rubber manufactures custom rubber parts for the rail industry that are safe and compliant with government regulations. This includes bellows, cable cleats, electrical insulators, sand nozzles, and custom grommets.
  • Mining – We serve companies across the mining industry by manufacturing rubber parts such as engine mounts, gaskets, flexible connectors, vibration isolators, bumpers, and much more.
  • Construction – Lake Erie Rubber provides custom rubber parts for applications in the rail industry, including bellows, grommets, gaskets, bumpers, and more.
  • Vibration Control  – We provide rubber parts for applications in vibration control, including a variety of mounts, spring cups, bushings, anti-vibration pads, and more.
  • Oil & Gas – In the oil and gas industries, Lake Erie Rubber provides custom rubber parts including gaskets, grommets, seals, and more.
  • Pet Products – Lake Erie Rubber manufactures safe products for your pets, including an assortment of dog toys. All of our pet products are safe, using only FDA-compliant ingredients. We also provide full service capabilities, including design, manufacturing, and packaging services.

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