Contract Experts to Mold Rubber Components

wecreate / November 30, 2023

Contract the Experts at Lake Erie Rubber to Mold Rubber Components

Rubber molding is a long-established process, but an experienced manufacturing team and state-of-the-art molding equipment are needed to perform it correctly. When you contract Lake Erie Rubber to mold rubber components, we have multiple molding styles and a range of machines at our disposal to get the job done correctly. 

Another benefit of contracting our team for rubber molding work is that we have over a quarter century of experience in the industry. As you can learn by reading further, we offer a variety of rubber molding solutions. We are confident that one of these means of molding rubber components will be right for your company.

Contract Us to Mold Rubber Parts

Producing Rubber Components for Rail, Oil and Gas OEMs and More

When a company has rubber molding capabilities as extensive as Lake Erie Rubber, the number of industries they can serve is extensive. With over 25 years of rubber molding experience, we have become adept at producing precise parts for OEMs in the transportation space including rail manufacturers. Our rail components are molded to be in compliance with government regulations and include rubber cable cleats, sand nozzles, bellows, custom grommets, and more. In the oil and gas space, we have molded components that include rubber seals, grommets, and gaskets. Although extensive, this is only a brief sampling of the work we perform.


High Volume Rubber Component Molding for Consumer Goods Manufacturers

While we are trusted by OEMs to perform low volume rubber molding work for power generation, oil and gas, and rail applications, we also have high volume molding capabilities. Rubber injection molding services are best suited to high volume rubber part molding. Examples of industries we have helped with medium and high-volume production include the Pet industry. We have proven adept at utilizing FDA approved and pet-safe ingredients to mold rubber products such as dog toys. Injection molding rubber parts is a cost-effective manufacturing method and contracting Lake Erie Rubber will guarantee that production quality matches your expectations.


Working with Existing Drawings and Helping with Rubber Component Design

We pride ourselves on the versatility of our team and one example of our flexibility can be seen in the sorts of molding jobs we can take on. Our staff is just as comfortable being contracted to mold rubber components based on existing drawings as we are in assisting customers with design work, material selection, and other preliminary molding tasks. We are focused on the success of our customers and when we see an opportunity to contribute our expertise in helping a contract succeed, we seize it. You can work with us to ensure your rubber molded components are being designed for effective manufacturability. You can also lean on us to develop realistic expectations on production turnaround time, volume capabilities, and costs. 

Whether you are a well-established OEM looking for a new rubber molding company or are beginning new product development and require expert assistance, Lake Erie Rubber is ready to get to work.


The Volume and Precision of Your Part Determines the Type of Molding We Will Utilize

Injection molding, compression molding, and transfer molding are the three ways we can mold rubber components. Each of these methods is effective and intended for particular molding scenarios. As we outlined above, injection molding is cost effective and well suited to medium and high-volume production. 

Rubber compression molding requires a bit more labor than injection molding and is therefore better for lower volume jobs. Compression molding is an excellent method more making larger parts and can be used to bond rubber to non-rubber materials. 

Transfer molding is often the right solution for low volume and high precision molding jobs. This method is more manually intensive than injection molding and also requires higher tooling costs than those associated with compression molding. In addition to its precision, rubber transfer molding also works well with colored rubber compounds for applications where attractive aesthetics are important.


Contact Us to Determine Which Rubber Molding Method is Best

You may already know which style of rubber molding will be best suited to your company’s needs. Alternatively, you may require guidance in selecting the solution that can handle the volume and/or complexity your parts require. Either way, Lake Erie Rubber has the knowledge, equipment, experience, and capacity needed to handle the rubber component molding you need completed.

Contract Us to Mold Rubber Parts

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