Industrial Rubber Molding Products

wecreate / December 22, 2023

Expert Producers of Industrial Rubber Molding Products

You can turn to Lake Erie Rubber for all your industrial rubber molding needs. With sixty years of experience molding rubber products for the rail, mining, construction, and oil and gas industries, our capabilities are extensive. We currently offer rubber injection molding, compression molding, and transfer molding. With a suite of solutions this broad, we can consider quoting any job you have involving industrial rubber molding products. From large parts that require precision transfer molding to smaller components that can be best produced in higher volumes via injection molding, Lake Erie Rubber can make your industrial rubber products cost effectively.

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Rubber Compression Molding Solutions for Industrial Vibration Control Needs

Rubber is ideal for vibration control uses given its ability to absorb energy. If you need a mount or bushing made that can handle consistent vibration, such as those involved in power generation or transportation environment, we can help. We also have extensive experience producing anti-vibration rubber pads. Our compression molding services are well-suited to making these types of products. Whether you are an OEM or a distributor, you can contact Lake Erie Rubber to request a complimentary quote to see how cost effectively and efficiently we can compression mold your industrial vibration control products.


Oil and Gas Industry Rubber Molder

Oil and Gas operations would cease without rubber. From seals and gaskets to grommets and more, Lake Erie Rubber has a long history of making industrial rubber products that serve a host of oil and gas industry uses. Our three styles of molding allow us to handle both low volume complex jobs and everything up to high volume repeated production for oil and gas product distributors and OEMS. Even if you have struggled to find a molding company that can handle your needs, we are confident our team has everything needed on-site to complete your job with quality guaranteed.


Over-Molding Solutions for Complex Industrial Rubber Components

With solutions including injection molding, compression molding, and transfer molding, Lake Erie Rubber can also handle your over-molding needs. Whether you need us to produce a complete rubber component based on your designs or need an existing part over molded, our team can help. We have the equipment and skill needed to provide industrial rubber over molding for the industries mentioned above and more. If you have an existing part you need over molded or want to utilize multiple types of molding we offer, contact us to discuss potential solutions.


High-Volume Injection Molding for Industrial Parts

As we mentioned at the start of this article, injection molding is a solution well-suited to higher volume jobs. If you have a need for industrial rubber molding products at a high quantity, chances are this style of molding is going to be the right choice. You can contract us for a one-off medium to high-volume injection molded product run or utilize our team for repeated production.


High Precision Transfer Molding for OEMs

If other molding companies have been unable to produce your complex rubber industrial products effectively, it may be because they do not perform transfer molding. Transfer molding is our go-to solution for high precision rubber molding jobs, including those involving over molding or bonding rubber to metal parts. Transfer molding requires costlier tooling than compression molding and is more labor intensive than injection molding. However, it is excellent for jobs involving extreme precision and comes with the bonus of being well suited to molding colored rubber products.


Contact Lake Erie Rubber to Discuss Your Industrial Molding Needs

We want to hear from you and learn about the industrial rubber molding products you need made. We are confident that our equipment, team, experience, and variety of rubber molding solutions will provide us with everything needed to take on your job. If you want a quote, you can reach out to us online or by phone to find out just how affordably and effectively we can produce your industrial rubber parts.


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