Nitrile NBR Rubber Molding Manufacturer

wecreate / February 19, 2024
Nitrile NBR Rubber Molding Manufacturing

Nitrile NBR Rubber Molding Manufacturing with Lake Erie Rubber


Lake Erie Rubber is a rubber manufacturer based in Erie, Pennsylvania specializing in injection molding, transfer molding, and compression molding. Among these services, Lake Erie Rubber is an industry-leading nitrile NBR rubber molding manufacturer, a material with many inherent and unique industrial applications. Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) is a commonly utilized synthetic rubber elastomer originally developed in Germany in the 1930s. NBR is widely recognized for its elevated resistance to oil, fuel, acids, and other chemicals in automotive and aerospace applications. With six decades of experience, Lake Erie Rubber offers expert assistance throughout the entire process. Our team assists with initial design, manufacturing, material development, product development, material testing, and more. 


What is Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, or NBR?


Nitrile butadiene rubber, or NBR, is a copolymer composed of two separate and unique polymers: acrylonitrile and butadiene. In some cases, the chemical composition of NBR can be manipulated to provide specific properties beneficial to the end use. For example, NBR with a higher concentration of acrylonitrile will have increased oil resistance but reduced flexibility. The resistance to oils, fuels, acids, and other solvents makes NBR the leading choice when it pertains to usage in both the automotive and aerospace industries. Nitrile butadiene rubber also provides excellent functionality through a wide temperature range and is one of the few materials that can maintain shape and function to temperatures as low as -40℉. The pressure and compression resistance of manufactured nitrile gaskets retain their shape and continue to provide a tight seal even after repeated compressions and temperature fluctuations. While there are several advantages to NBR depending on the end use, it is still important to note the few disadvantages of the material. NBR, when compared to natural rubber, is not nearly as strong or flexible. Nitrile also has reduced resistance to sunlight, ozone, or aromatic hydrocarbons like benzene. These pros and cons are important to consider when determining the best rubber to meet your specifications. 


Benefits & Applications of Nitrile NBR Rubber


The main focus of Lake Erie Rubber as a nitrile NBR rubber molding manufacturer is to provide a customizable approach that allows our team to meet all your specific needs and requirements. Due to the impressive resistance to oils and fuels, NBR is primarily used in seals, hosing, tubing, gaskets, grommets, adhesives, sealants, and more. While these parts are notably present in automotive and aerospace construction, nitrile rubber is also frequently found in the medical industry. Disposable nitrile gloves remain one of the primary usages of NBR and provide significant protection for the user during examinations or cleaning. Furthermore, heavy-duty reusable nitrile gloves can be utilized in nuclear applications by providing resistance to oils, solvents, cuts, and abrasions while maintaining the elasticity and increased tactile sensitivity required in the field. Lake Erie Rubber engineers have significant experience applying the benefits of nitrile NBR rubber across the automotive, aerospace, medical, and nuclear power sectors. Lake Erie Rubber can reverse-engineer existing nitrile NBR products for any of these mentioned applications or will work with a client to develop a completely new product development plan. 


Let Lake Erie Rubber Become Your NBR Rubber Molding Manufacturer


The primary focus of Lake Erie Rubber is to utilize the knowledge of our engineers, chemists, and industry experts to manufacture a product that meets the desired specifications and delivers exceptional performance within the projected budget and timeline. Our team is sure to consider the high-quality standards, deadlines, and budgetary constrictions when working with you. As a nitrile NBR rubber molding manufacturer, Lake Erie Rubber understands the rigid conditions and constraints that apply to utilizing this material in specific industries. We have years of hands-on experience supplying products throughout some of the most demanding industries while providing an advanced interactive digital quality management system that guarantees precision finished parts. With Lake Erie Rubber you can trust that your unique project will meet any necessary specifications and be delivered on time with expert precision. If you require a nitrile NBR design for your specific application, get in touch with Lake Erie Rubber today.

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