New Rubber Injection Molding Machines Expand Machining Capabilities

Lake Erie Rubber / February 6, 2023
New Rubber Injection Molding Machines Expand Machining Capabilities

Lake Erie Rubber’s New DESMA ZO Benchmark Injection Molding Presses


Lake Erie Rubber is a custom rubber manufacturer based in Erie, PA. We specialize in a variety of rubber molding processes, including rubber injection molding, for a wide range of different industries. For over six decades, our large injection presses have allowed us the flexibility to produce large and small parts alike with a quick turnaround time and at a competitive price. Now, we’ve added new injection molding presses to our machinery that will only improve our manufacturing, speed, and efficiency. 


About the DESMA ZO Benchmark Injection Molding Machine


At the start of this year, we added one DESMA 968.560 ZO Benmark rubber injection press and one DESMA 968.400 ZO Benchmark rubber injection molding machine. These new injection molding presses will greatly improve our capabilities. They will allow us to press injection molded parts much larger than we had previously been able to do, and larger than most other companies in the rubber manufacturing industry. We will be able to produce heavier parts that weigh as much as 23 pounds, and with much greater efficiency. 

In the past, our machines used a first in last out injection process. However, our new presses FIFO (first in first out), once again cutting down on time and increasing our efficiency and reducing scrap. The new machines improve the safety and ergonomics for our operators. They utilize modern photoelectric safety guards and ergonomic working height platens and core lifters. The fully adjustable multiphase plasticizing controls also further increases machine efficiency and reduces scrap.  The ergonomic height injection unit and fully retractable injection nozzle improve material change over efficiency and effectiveness. The trend based machine controls optimize heating efficiency and allow for data analysis to continuously improve process efficiency. We opted for the more advanced Desma “Servogear” servo-hydraulic motors. Servo hydraulics result in maximum energy efficiency, reduced noise level, and increased positioning accuracy. They are estimated to be 30% more energy efficient than traditional hydraulic motors. These machines are also optioned with integrated vacuum systems to evacuate air from the mold cavities during the injection process to further improve efficiency and quality as compared to older equipment.

These new presses will grant us much-needed flexibility to take on more projects, and to handle more work for current clients. We always strive to do whatever it takes to make our clients happy, and this new addition will do just that. One longtime client of ours that manufactures bumpers for Ford’s assembly line will now be able to hand all of their injection molding work over to us, thanks to these new presses. 


Injection Molding Services from Lake Erie Rubber


Lake Erie Rubber offers the best rubber injection molding in the region. Thanks to our new injection molding presses, we just got even better. Contact us today to see how we can help you with all of your rubber manufacturing needs.  

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