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Lake Erie Rubber / November 9, 2022

Rubber Part & Mold Engineering & Design

Lake Erie Rubber is a custom rubber manufacturer that specializes in rubber molding processes including injection molding, transfer molding, and compression molding. Our diverse group of machinery gives us the ability and flexibility to produce a variety of products for many different industries. We also specialize in design for manufacturability as it relates to the rubber parts and molds. Our engineering and design team can provide you with high-quality technical and design support to meet all of your specifications. 

Lake Erie Rubber helps clients with material specifications by ensuring we use the best rubber elastomer for your application.  We also perform thorough testing and validation, to ensure that we’ll make you the best possible product, as well as design for manufacturing and product development.

We also offer 3D printed prototyping, helping customers take an initial idea and creating a 3D prototype to see and feel their design before it’s manufactured and allowing for tweaks and changes before agreeing on a final design. During this process, we help to select the best material for the application, the appropriate molding process, and the mold design. At the end, we’ve guided our customers through the entire process, from the initial idea through to a finished product. We are also able to reverse engineer existing products and develop a manufacturing plan for production. 

We provide custom rubber manufacturing to companies in many different industries, including the rail, mining, construction, vibration control, oil and gas, and pet product industries. Our ability to work efficiently has led to drastically shorter lead times for customers, improved technical support, and top notch product quality. With over 60 years of experience supplying components for OEM manufacturers and distributors, Lake Erie Rubber is your best option for custom rubber parts made in the United States. 

Industries Served

Lake Erie Rubber serves a wide variety of different industries. These are just some examples of the industries we serve and what we provide for our customers: 

  • Rail Industry. Lake Erie Rubber manufactures custom rubber parts for the rail industry that are safe and compliant with government regulations. This includes bellows, cable cleats, electrical insulators, sand nozzles, and custom grommets.
  • Mining. We serve companies across the mining industry by manufacturing rubber parts such as engine mounts, gaskets, flexible connectors, vibration isolators, bumpers, and much more.
  • Construction Equipment. Lake Erie Rubber provides custom rubber parts for applications in the construction equipment industry, including bellows, grommets, gaskets, bumpers, and more.
  • Vibration Control. We provide rubber parts for applications in vibration control, including a variety of mounts, spring cups, bushings, anti-vibration pads, and more.
  • Oil & Gas. In the oil and gas industries, Lake Erie Rubber provides custom rubber parts including gaskets, grommets, seals, and more.
  • Pet Products. Lake Erie Rubber manufactures safe products for your pets, including an assortment of dog toys. All of our pet products are safe, using only FDA-compliant ingredients. We also provide full service capabilities, including design, manufacturing, and packaging services.

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