What is Viton (FKM Rubber)?

wecreate / July 10, 2023
Viton diaphragms

What is Viton(FKM Rubber)?

Viton, also known as FKM or fluorine rubber, is a fluorocarbon-based fluoroelastomer that contains the monomer vinylidene fluoride. It is considered one of the best synthetic rubber materials. The name Viton was coined by DuPont, who created it, and has since become synonymous with the material and similar elastomers. Viton is generally more expensive than other rubber materials, in part due to its high quality. It is known for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and its fluid resistance, making the ideal material for use in harsh environments. It is often used in the aerospace and automotive industries where exposure to high temperatures, fuel, oil, and other chemicals is common.

Properties of Viton

Viton has many properties that make it a good choice of synthetic rubber for a variety of uses. As with other materials, it also has its disadvantages, which may make it less than ideal for specific applications. Be sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of Viton before choosing it for your specific project. Learn more about choosing the right type of rubber for your needs.


Viton is considered one of the best synthetic rubber materials. It is tough and durable, with great abrasion and tear resistance. It is famous for its fluid resistance, able to withstand exposure to aggressive fuels, oils, acids, gasses, hydrocarbons, and other chemicals. It also has a wide temperature operating range, from -15°F(-26°C) to 500°F(260°C). Viton also has strong resistance to UV exposure, oxidation, ozone, weathering, and molds. It also has good electrical properties and adheres well to metal.


Despite being one of the best elastomers, Viton has its disadvantages as well. While it’s known for its fluid resistance, it is not resistant to ketones, esters, and organic acids. Viton is able to withstand extreme temperatures, but it is still affected at both ends of the spectrum. In extreme heat, it can release toxic hydrogen fluoride, which is known to cause respiratory problems. At very low temperatures, it hardens and loses its flexibility, making it more brittle.

All in all, Viton is still considered by many to be the best synthetic rubber material, and may well be the best option for your specific needs. Learn more about how to decide what rubber to choose for your application.

Common Applications of Viton

FKM is one of the most widely used synthetic rubbers in the world. It is commonly found in seals, gaskets, O-rings, and other components that come in contact with biofuels or other extreme fuel and chemical environments. Additional applications of Viton include:

  • Aerospace. Viton’s resistance to high temperatures, fuels, and other chemicals makes it ideal for use in aircraft engines.
  • Automotive – Just as with aerospace, Viton’s ability to withstand harsh environments makes it ideal for use in various applications in the automotive industry.
  • Food & Pharmaceutical. Due to its fluid resistance, Viton can be used in various packaging applications for food and pharmaceuticals.

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